How our mentorship programs creates engagement for integration

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Erik Englund
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In my previous blog post, I wrote about Stratsys 1-1-1-principle and explained the foundation for our sustainability work, and how we wish to be a platform that enables our co-workers to engage in activities. Just like in many other parts of our society, we also have people here at Stratsys that are willing to do something and want to feel like they’re contributing in some way. We want to encourage that will and commitment.

How we create commitment for our sustainability work

With that in mind, the reality is different for different people. Some have family and kids, other a hectic spare time, and others need to wind down from a stressful workday. But the will to commit and make a difference can still be the same, and that’s why we at Stratsys want to create opportunities that fit into the everyday life, regardless of how it looks like. Based on that, we’ve created a stair of commitment, for both the company and the individual.

First step – Stratsys general sustainability work

The first step includes all employees that for different reasons aren’t actively engaged in any of our initiatives, but still feels a sense of pride for the work the company and co-workers do.

Second step – networking lunches with Yrkesdörren

The second step is our networking lunches that are arranged together with Yrkesdörren, where the employees who participate in the lunch will share at least two contacts that potentially can help the lunch date in the search for a job. A simple activity, at the office, during the workday – that still can create a difference for people in need of a job. At the plus side, it’s fun to meet new people and valuable with new perspectives.

Third step – Stratsys mentoring programs

The third step is our mentoring programs with the organisations Right to play and Nema problema. The program with Nema problema runs for eight months, and our employees get to be mentors for academics who newly arrived in Sweden, with the goal to get them closer to a job. Right to play is a program that runs for three months with newly arrived high school students, and the goal here is for them to get a summer job. 

This spring was the premiere for our mentoring program with Right to play, and what a premiere it was! Seven nervous mentors and seven confident mentees carried the AIK flag at the home premiere at Friends arena. Great to start with a reverse experience where the mentees were able to lead us, and now we will contribute our knowledge and experience from all the job searches and interviews we have done through the years. The goal is a summer job. Fun with a concrete goal that we can work towards together, as a group and as a mentor-mentee couple.

Fourth step – our future sustainability work

The fourth step is under development, and here we really think we are on to something good. But it must marinate a little longer before I tell you, so stay tuned.

Fifth step – a job for a newly arrived person

And the fifth step is to employ newly arrived people here at Stratsys, which we do in collaboration with the organisation Jobbentrén. They have a fantastic methodology and working method, which deserves a blog post of its own. Through Jobbentrén we got our star and office manager, Eyad Noor, who makes the days at the office so much better!

With a clear focus on our community engagement, we hope to succeed by including all our employees based on their own ability to engage. And also contribute to a more inclusive job market and more inclusive society.