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Stratsys' product for Health and Safety creates the right working conditions for a secure and safe workplace. Get an overview of risks and measures and create a structure in your action plans.

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Analyse the business

Stratsys' product for Health and Safety gives you a common workflow to drive your improvement work forward. Create the right conditions for legal compliance by visualising current work environment regulations. Visualise goals, metrics and activities that are prioritised for the year. In Stratsys there are functions for both risk analysis and investigations with added support for digital checklists. Increase transparency and let the work reach all levels of the organisation.

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Proactive health and safety work

Work proactively by using risk analyses both based on work environment areas and business changes. The forward-looking work creates the right conditions for identifying potential risks in the work environment before they arise. Through clear measures in the action plan, potential risks can be spotted and prevented before they occur.

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Follow up

Analyse the data

Ensure that the health and safety work progresses as planned through simple analysis and follow-up views for measures and metrics. Facilitate reporting for employees at all levels of the organisation by communicating in a common area. All work is automatically compiled into complete action plans and work environmental reports. Those finished reports can then be exported into PDF or Word format for printing or for web publishing, to increase the transparency and dialogue.

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Why choose Stratsys tools for Health and Safety work?

Law enforcement

Makes it easy to do the right thing and creates the right conditions for legal compliance.

Proactive risk work

Work proactively and risk-based with a focus on effective measures.

Digital checklists

Investigate and follow up operations with the support of digital checklists.

Simplified follow up

Results of measures can be evaluated through a collective overview and clear communication.
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