Meet the requirements of CSRD & ESRS

Are you aware of the requirements for your sustainability reporting? There are significant changes happening right now regarding how groups and companies should report on their impact on people and the environment. Stratsys offers a user-friendly system support for the entire sustainability management process.

What are CSRD and ESRS?

CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive)

The CSRD is an EU directive that aims to increase the comparability and transparency of corporate sustainability reporting. The directive allows both the public and investors to gain greater insight into the impact of companies on the environment and society, as well as the risks and opportunities they face from a sustainability perspective.

ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards)

ESRS are standards to support CSRD and aim to standardize corporate sustainability reporting through specific requirements and disclosure points.


How Stratsys helps you with CSRD & ESRS

Work in a structured way with double materiality analysis

How do you find out what are significant sustainability issues for your business? What is material in terms of impacts, risks and opportunities for your business? A fundamental step in the new requirements is to conduct a double materiality assessment. With Stratsys, you can conduct and document a double materiality assessment in a simple way.

double materiality analysis matrix for csrd work

Get an overview of the current situation

Do you have an overview of how your organization meets the disclosure requirements you have to report on? It is time-consuming and often difficult to keep track of all the requirements within CSRD and ESRS. With the help of Stratsys, you can easily create an overview of the current situation and how your work aligns with the disclosure requirements linked to ESRS.


Save time with ready-made KPIs according to ESRS

There is a significant amount of data to be collected in the field of sustainability, both qualitative and quantitative. In Stratsys, there are pre-built KPIs divided by standard, in accordance with ESRS, which facilitates your work on what to measure. This enables you to save time and focus on the work that makes a difference.


Get support for effective sustainability work

Make the strategy clear to everyone

Map your sustainability issues and make your strategy clear by linking targets, KPIs and actions - from management level down to operational tasks.

Allocate responsibilities easily

Distribute tasks such as data collection, action proposals and follow-up in the form of comments to different people in a simple way.

Facilitating cooperation

Bringing the work together in one place makes information easily accessible and transparent, and facilitates collaboration between colleagues, departments and offices .

Simpler reporting

The sustainability work must be summarized in a sustainability report and Stratsys collects all the information entered during the year as a basis for the report.

Discover more benefits of Stratsys Sustainability Management

With Stratsys, you can easily gather the work around regulatory requirements in one platform and at the same time engage the entire organization in the sustainability work.

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