Take your ESG reporting to the next level

Gather all the work for reporting, operational procedures and get an overall overview to take your ESG work to the next level. In addition to assisting you in data collection and reporting, Stratsys provides the capabilities to improve, develop and distribute activities to support your ESG work and create a more sustainable future.


The future is now

As domestical and EU-regulated requirements and demands increase, so do the demands on organisations to understand, use and follow up on the ESG frameworks that they are affected by. It is about understanding and being able to report on how the organisation contributes to a more sustainable development.

Till this date, no common classification system or universal ESG criteria have been formulated. This makes the issue complex, time-consuming and challenging for companies to keep all the work together and achieve uniformity. The path to success in keeping the ESG work together requires a support system that helps businesses today to act now for a better tomorrow.

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Reporting that is constantly improving

The Annual Accounts Act

According to the Annual Accounts Act (årsredovisningslagen), sustainability reporting is mandatory for companies based on certain fulfilled criteria. For companies affected, a natural first step may be to identify ESG key figures in the business and how they can be integrated into the management of sustainability risks within relevant processes.

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

SFDR is primarily aimed towards financial stakeholders and aims to steer capital into sustainable financing. The application date for the directive is the 1st of January 2023, but for companies covered by the directive, the reference period will already start applying from 2022.


Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

From 2024, significantly more companies within EU will be subject to stricter requirements for their sustainability reporting through the CSRD directive. The purpose of this initiative is to increase quality of reporting and comparability between companies. The work is currently under development and will be based on different regulations such as the EU taxonomy, the GHG protocol, GRI and TCFD.

From data to action

In order to accelerate your ESG work, systematicity and structure are required in the collection of data as well as the ability to get an overview, act and improve processes. Collecting data in a structured way, identifying and reducing risks, and having a clear activity plan, are benefits that Stratsys' tools and solutions provide. The overview and transparency across the entire organisation's processes are vital to work strategically with sustainability management and make a difference - for real.


Our products supporting ESG work

CSRD sustainability Management

Stratsys' product for Sustainability Management gives you the right tools to for regulatory compliance, identification of the current state within your organisation, as well as helping you create a long term plan and vision on how you can take your sustainability work to the next level.

Risk & Control

Stratsys' Risk & Control product gives you the tools for risk management, risk analysis and internal control work. Successful risk management is a central part to the success of your organisation's ESG work.

Health & Safety

Investigate, prevent and follow up your work environment protocols with Stratsys' health and safety product. We provide you guidance on how to conduct proactive work environmental related work for your organisation.

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