Strategic Planning

A clearer direction for agile steering

With a strategy tool for planning and follow-up, you gain a comprehensive overview of your organisation’s crucial KPIs.


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Break down your overall strategy into operational work

Visualise your organisation’s overall goals and strategies and break them down into operational tasks. Clarify how smaller departments’ goals connect to the overall strategy and create meaningfulness, both on a team and individual level. Coordinate your organisation, set clear deadlines for activities, and share responsibility between roles.

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Work across your organisation

With a structure that reflects the organisational tree, a unified overall picture of goals and strategies is created. Each department works on its own level to create strategies that align with your organisation’s overall goals. This enables relevant governance throughout the organisation and allows employees to see how their own work at the individual level connects with the overall goals.

Define Goals, Strategies, and Performance Indicators

Visualise how the strategies of your teams align with your organisation’s overall goals. Share responsibility between roles within the organisation and set clear deadlines. By making the common thread visible, you can clarify how a specific activity connects to the overall goals.

Filter the data

Filter through data and customise what is displayed in the view depending on the information you want in a particular context. View strategies from multiple parts of your organisation or only look at exactly what you’re responsible for.


Visualises the organisation’s progress towards its goals

Track KPIs and the organisation’s progress towards its goals. Get full details of the organisation’s results in real time, directly to your dashboard. Generate the criteria for regular analysis and agile control through a comprehensive overview of work in progress at various levels, and obtain quick insight into status and obstacles that you can act on when your attention is needed.

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Save time by gathering key KPIs in automated dashboards

Make the organisation’s key KPIs available to the personnel, by presenting them on a dashboard. Get regular updates on how working with strategies is going, and the outcome of indicators in a common workspace. Make sure that important information easily reaches the manager or management team, and enable the right support if obstacles have arisen. Create the criteria for in-depth analysis at the same time.



Simplify collaboration and communication

Break down strategies in projects, and give any team a common workspace for successful execution. Share boards and cards across functions for a more efficient organisation. Do-board gives you valuable clarity between the strategic and operational work, and creates the criteria for efficient execution.

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State deadline, add the person responsible and create sub-activities

A person responsible for executing a task can be added to each card on a board. Enter a deadline and then create sub-activities to be undertaken by one or more people. Makes efficient execution possible, by visualising an area of responsibility and creating a workspace at which everyone can check their sub-activities in line with completing their tasks.


Ensures access to the latest information

Using a common workspace with updates in real time ensures everyone can get an overview, and that personnel always have access to the latest information.

Prioritise in a separate To-do list

Individual employees can create their own personal boards to get a clear overview of their area of responsibility, and to be able to quickly prioritise and reprioritise in their own To-do list.

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