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Welcome to a simple and systematic way to manage regulatory requirements and gain an overview of your focus areas. Our SaaS platform with industry-specific products and solutions makes it easy to steer your business and ensure compliance with legal requirements and frameworks

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One platform - multiple solutions

With a unified user experience across the entire platform, it’s simple to stay on top of all your planning, activity tracking and reporting - from sustainability reports to GRC to strategic planning - and all points in between.

Why choose Stratsys? It’s not complex.


With an intuitive UI shared across the entire platform, Stratsys lets you make real organizational improvements - fast


As your organizational needs grow, Stratsys grows with you - add additional products and develop them with no code configuration


Reporting across complex structures can be time consuming - Stratsys reduces barriers and admin to let you get straight to work


With Nordic based servers and products designed with security and compliance from day one, organizations can work with total peace of mind

Integrations and API solutions

We know that the last thing an organization wants is the complication of adding to a tech stack. So Stratsys is built to seamlessly integrate with the products you use every day.

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