Stratsys platform

Unified. Scalable. Secure.

Our platform streamlines control, quality, and management processes, allowing organisations and users to systematically improve their way of working, to see the bigger picture, and make the right decisions.


227 400 +

users of Stratsys products and platform.

200 +

systems that can be integrated with Stratsys.

500 +

customers worldwide.

Secure but accessible

With all products gathered into a single, unified platform, you benefit from centralised user management, strong authentication and a future-proof system - while still ensuring easy access to let users get straight to work.


DO apps for better collaboration

With DO-apps, collaboration with your team becomes easier and more engaging. DO-board and Meetings help you stay focused by keeping track of your scheduled appointments and activities.

Hundreds of integrations and API solutions

Our platform comes out-of-the-box with built-in integrations for the most popular systems. And it’s even easy to create integrations with other systems and digital services yourself, with no need for external consultants.

Simplify your work day with the Stratsys app

The Stratsys app lets you stay on top of your work, wherever you are. Access the platform’s smart tools - from the palm of your hand.