Stratsys platform

Get more out of your plans, projects and strategies. Digitize your workflows and get an overview of your team and your organization's progress in real-time.


Innovation and functionality

Stratsys platform is built to deliver high security, clear trackability, analysis and automation. Everything to make you feel that you are in safe hands.


Get access to the entire Stratsys e-learning library with more than 40 films and tests. Make sure your entire organization knows how you get the most out of Stratsys.

Tech support

Get help with the most common challenges such as bug management, automatically generated error messages and technical support when the system does not meet expectations.

Centralized security

Maximize the benefits with centralized security without compromising users or data. Build and scale without inhibiting development opportunities.

Centralized user management

Manage permissions for all products across Stratsys platform from one view. Save time and reduces risk of intrusion.


Make it easy for all users to access the platform and the products they will be using.


With daily backups you get a reliable and secure platform. Daily backups are stored for up to one month so you can always be sure your data is not lost.


Continuous updates and maintenance to offer a modern and secure platform.


Get full control of your daily work and all your meetings with Stratsys DO-apps: DO-board and Meetings.


Make it easier to give the right groups and users access to the right products. Synchronize with Office 365 or local AD for even faster management.

Developer portal

Take full control of your integrations - create your own powerful integrations against Stratsy's products. Controls access and manage keys and security for every integration from one view.

Centralized audit log

Get full control of every edit and change made in your Stratsys products. All logins and events are collected in a common audit log so you can easily see what changes have been made and by whom.

Isolated product environments

Increase flexibility and reduce the risk of information leakage. Thanks to isolated environments no data is shared between the products.

Database hub

Create your own test and training environments directly in Stratsys. Simplify handling and get the opportunity to do tests and conduct training on your own.

User insights

Analyze how Stratsys products are used in your organization and get the right foundation for training and support.

Premium support

Get next level support with a personal Success Manager, extended technical support and quick response via chat and user support.

Endless integration possibilities

To better help your organization at every step of the way, Stratsys platform comes with built-in integration services.

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