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Get more out of your plans, projects and strategies. Digitize your workflows and get an overview of your team and your organization's progress in real-time.

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Stratsys Enterprise

Stratsys Enterprise has been created based on our customers’ needs. Products and productivity apps together with world-class functions for security, analysis and users mean you can take Stratsys to the next level.
Increased security screening

Maximise the advantages of centralised security without jeapardising users or data. Build and scale without inhibiting development opportunities.


DO apps are included for all employees. Gain full control of your everyday work and all your meetings with Stratsys DO-board and Meetings.

User sync

Makes it easier to give the right groups and users access to the right products. Synchronise with Office 365 or local AD for even faster management.

Database management

Create your own testing and training environments on the Stratsys platform. Also allows for more versions. Simplify management and get the opportunity to carry out tests and conduct training on your own.

centr-audit-logs (1)
Audit log

Gain full control of all events. All logins and events are gathered in a joint audit log, so that you can easily see what changes have been made and who has made them.

Isolated environments for products

Increase flexibility and reduce the risk of information leakage with isolated environments, version management and settings. No data is shared between the products.

Developer portal

Take full control of your integrations – independently create integrations using Stratsys products. Centrally control the access for different integrations, and manage keys and security for integrations.


Analyse the use of Stratsys products within your organisation and get the right documentation for training and support within the organisation.

Premium support

Get a whole new level of support with a named Success Manager, extended technical support and fast response via chat and user support.


Stratsys Basic

Stratsys Basic is our modern, secure entry-level platform on which all basic functions and services for getting started with Stratsys are available.
Technical support

Get help with the commonest challenges, such as bug management, automatically generated error messages and technical support, when the system is not meeting expectations.

Centralised user management

Manage authorisations for all products across the platform from one and the same place. This saves valuable time, and at the same time decreases the risk of hacking.


With daily backups you get a reliable and secure platform. Daily backups are saved for up to a month, so you can always be sure your data will not get lost.


Makes it easy for all users to access the platform and the products they are going to use.


Ongoing updates and maintenance, so as to provide a modern and secure platform.


Security is one of the cornerstones of our platform. Read more about the security of our platform here.

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