Stratsys Enterprise

More opportunities with Enterprise

Stratsys Enterprise is the elevated version of our base platform. It offers a higher security level and full access to integrations. Combined with a personal success manager to help you get the best out of using the platform.


Security and management

Protect any sensitive information

Today’s requirements for an organizations security are high. Public information or critical business data need a higher level of protection. With Enterprise, you get the highest standard of security and increased control of all your data.


Highest possible security level
The option to create isolated enviroments for your products reduces the risk of any information breach.


Private test environments
Manage your own testing and educational environments in any number of versions. Private testing environments gives you the choice to test your ideas without a separate order from us at Stratsys. You will also be able to create educational scenarios where users can practice without affecting your actual product.


Easy to manage
Easy access for users and groups. Plus the option to sync Stratsys with Office 365 or local AD for even faster processing. Simply a smoother, more secure and resource-efficient user administration.



Customize Stratsys to suit you

Enterprise gives you the opportunity to create your own integrations with Stratsys products. In addition, all employees get access to our DO-apps. Easier collaboration for the entire organization!


Personal integration solutions
You control what systems have access to and handle both keys and security yourself. Being able to act on your own and createintegrations gives greater freedom and flexibility in your work. Read more about Integrations and APIs. Read more about Integrations and API.


Full control
By owning integrations, key figure adapters and dynamic third-party embedding, you have full control. A clear and comprehensive overview of all systems that are integrated with Stratsys.


DO-apps for your entire organization
Free access to our DO-Board and Meetings creates full control of daily work.


Visualization of data
Present and visualize results, reports and events to external parties such as citizens, employees or users. Remember, transparency increases commitment both internally and externally!

Premium service

Your personal Success Manager

With Enterprise you get a dedicated Success Manager! They get to know your organization and proposes what improvement you need. You get all the support you would need to use Stratsys in the best way.

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Deeper insights
The analysis tool helps you to investigate user behavior and get insights for training and support within the organization. What does your commitment look like within the organization and what can you do to proactively direct the efforts correctly?


Personal contact
Feel reassured in knowing that you have an expert contact person who will help you. Your Success Manager works proactively to ensure that your organization gets the maximum value out of Stratsys.


Unlimited E-learning
As an Enterprise customer, you get access to our entire e-learning library. Open access to training videos for Stratsys products. The training material is always available so that new employees can quickly learn how to navigate the platform, while experienced employees can update their knowledge if needed.


Support chat for everyone
With Enterprise, all users get access to our support chat, directly in the platform. This is extra valuable during reporting-heavy periods when questions from different directions arise at the same time.