Stratsys Enterprise

Stratsys Enterprise has been created on the basis of our customers' needs and requirements regarding products and productivity apps, together with world-class functions for security, analysis and users.

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organisations both large and small:

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Control of all events on the platform

Control by supervising who has access to your data
Possibility of controlling access for Stratsys’s employees and technical support
Full insight into logins and sign-in attempts
Isolate data and products so as to minimise information leakage within the organisation


Gain insight into and understanding of usage on the platform

Participate in analyses of the use of Stratsys products at different levels within your organisation
Gain access to analytical data in order to target training courses
Make proactive decisions in order to adapt Stratsys to your organisation and users' future requirements


Assume full control of your integration

Achieve easier, more secure and more resource-efficient user administration
Possibility of synchronising users and groups from Office 365 or local AD
Create your own integration solutions using our Developer Portal
Access to Stratsys’s key-ratio adapter and dynamic third-party embedding
Gain a simple overview of Stratsys’s APIs, calls and replies through our API explorer


User support

Maximise the value of Stratsys

Ongoing advice and support, with a dedicated Success Manager
Quick, smooth feedback on chat for your users
Extended technical support for local administrators


Organise and prioritise together

DO apps for all employees within your organisation
Gain full control of your everyday work and all your meetings
Increase collaboration and attain your goals faster

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