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Achieve your full potential with Stratsys. Easily create integration with other systems and digital services using Stratsys integration solutions.

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User management

Straightforward, seamless and secure login for all your users, plus full control of their authorisations.

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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to seamlessly log in to several different systems at the same time. Easily create a secure joint login for all your systems and Stratsys products, so users never have to waste time searching for the right password.

Better use experience
Automatic login, yet no login credentials are saved.

Saves time
Both for users and administrators.

Increased security
All login details are managed centrally, reducing the risk of lost passwords and intrusions.

User synchronisation

AD synchronisation is an integrated user management feature that allows your users to be automatically transferred from your database or directory service. This gives you full control over what permissions a user has.

Saves time for administrators
Users do not need to be administered manually in Stratsys.

Easy user management
If a user leaves the customer’s company, Stratsys automatically disables it.

Real-time user updates
User information is always updated in accordance with the database or catalogue service.


Data collection

Collect data from other systems and display it in Stratsys to reduce duplication and spend time on the right things.

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Key figure adapter

The key figure adapter enables your organization to automate data transfer from external systems to Stratsys. The most common data transferred to Stratsys is outcome data from key figures and financial figures.

Quality in the analysis
Numbers are automatically transferred from other systems and quality assured.

Time saving and reduced risk of errors
Users do not have to enter data manually.

Increased user-friendliness
During follow-up, the correct data has already been reported.

Table adapter

The table adapter allows you to automatically transfer table data to reports in Stratsys. The tables can be easily selected directly in Stratsys' interface and updated in real time.

Time saving
The user does not have to enter data manually in different tables.

Reduced risk of errors
The table is loaded from an external system and cannot be changed in Stratsys.

Updated data
The latest value in your system is displayed in real time in Stratsys tables.



Display pages from other systems within Stratsys to gather everything in one place and place it in a context, or display information from Stratsys on the web.

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Dynamic third-party embedding

Work directly in views and gadgets from external systems inside Stratsys. Dynamic third-party embedding allows you to embed content from other BI systems in Stratsys.

Better analysis data
Incorporate more information from various systems into Stratsys.

Increased user-friendliness
The user does not need to log in to various systems to find the analysis data.

Relevant information
Users only see the information they are authorised to access from their external systems.

2c8 process mapping

The process mapping is a bridge between the graphic models from 2c8 and the operational work in Stratsys. Processes can be published from 2c8 and automatically fill the planning view in Stratsys.

Get a clear overview of your enterprise’s processes.

Increased functionality
See the best of both systems.

Increased user-friendliness
Easy to navigate between the systems.

Online publication of reports

Publish selected reports from Stratsys directly on your website. Reach out to more people and make your reports easier to absorb, both internally and externally, with interactive functionality.

Reach more people
Give more people access to the content of the reports your organisation produces, both internally and publicly.

Easy to understand
The interactive reports are much easier to absorb than a flattened PDF.

Avoid manual handling when publishing reports through direct synchronisation with Stratsys.

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