Meeting the requirements of DORA

Is your organization prepared to meet DORA requirements in the financial sector? With Stratsys' product, you get a tool that not only facilitates compliance with these regulations, but also strengthens your long-term digital resilience.

What is DORA?

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) aims to strengthen the financial sector's digital operational resilience to cyber threats, for example. DORA places high demands on the organizations concerned to have systems and procedures in place to protect themselves against digital threats and to be prepared to manage and recover from incidents.

  • Regular testing of digital operational resilience
  • ICT risk management, for the own organization and for third-party ICT service providers
  • Management and reporting of ICT-related incidents

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How Stratsys can help you with DORA compliance

Improved overview of current situation

Do you find it difficult to get a clear overview of how your organization meets DORA? With the help of Stratsys, you can develop a baseline analysis to identify differences in your current state and desired target state. This will give you insights into what needs to be done to comply with DORA.


Protecting your organization's assets

How do you identify, assess and manage risks related to ICT? This can include protecting your company's data, assets and networks from potential threats and disruptions. With the help of Stratsys, you can become more proactive in your risk management, reducing the risk of significant financial losses and loss of trust, among other things.


Evaluation of the ICT risk management framework

Many organizations find it difficult to create a systematic evaluation of the ICT risk management framework themselves and to involve the right parts of the organization. In Stratsys, you can easily create an assessment for this and compile the data. This is an important part of your overall assessment of how well the ICT risk management framework is working.

ICT Risk Management - Alerting

More features for successful work

Current situation analysis

Gather all data to get a summary of the current situation. This will both save valuable time and provide management with a complete basis for making informed decisions going forward.


Use self-assessment as a method to evaluate the organization's performance, processes and controls regarding the ICT risk management framework


See clear links between objectives and activities in the ongoing work and easy visualization of information assets, personal data processing, risks and action plans.

Effective data collection

Facilitates the process of collecting and compiling data from different parts of the organization in a consistent way.

Discover more benefits of Stratsys

With Stratsys' Information Security & Data Protection product ,you can easily gather the work around regulatory requirements in one platform and at the same time engage the entire organization in the work.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

What is DORA?

DORA is an acronym for the Digital Operational Resilience Act and is an EU regulation that applies to financial actors. DORA aims to strengthen the digital operational resilience of the financial sector against cyber threats and other risks. Affected financial institutions need to establish effective information security governance, implement procedures and measures to manage and report various IT incidents. They also need to conduct regular testing and monitoring of their digital operations.

When does DORA apply?

DORA came into force in January 2023, and financial actors have until January 2025 to ensure that they comply with the legal requirements.

Who is covered by DORA?

The organizations covered by DORA are financial actors such as banks, insurance companies and investment firms. DORA also covers the financial actors' third-party service providers.

DORA requires those covered to identify, classify and manage digital risks. This includes establishing robust risk management frameworks to address disruptions related to ICT.