Say hi to work-life simplicity!

With Stratsys, your strategic planning become hassle-free and smooth, just as work should be. Before Stratsys, every department was working in their own different way. Important tasks were forgotten and hours, sometimes days, were spent gathering information and putting reports together. 


Work was dull and employees spent a huge, unnecessary, amount of time on admin. The vision of Stratsys emerged and finally the dream of bringing ease into everyday work-life became real.


Today, our tools streamline work for hundreds of thousands of people, helping them save time and to use it more wisely. As an ever-evolving and improving platform, Stratsys is the spine of business planning. The holy grail that gathers and engages all users in the same goals.

A platform filled with smart tools, that optimizes work-life and helps your business stay in control on your way to success.

The Dream

What once was a dream of helping businesses focus on their real purpose is now a limitless global mission. Our amazing employees is on a daily mission to simplify our customers’ work-life. And our company goal is to help them succeed.

We are growing - Work with us! 


  • When it all started: Year 2000
  • Offices: 4 
  • Employees: 170 and growing