Meet the requirements of NIS2

Is your organization ready to meet the strict requirements of NIS2? In an era of ever-increasing digital threats, it is critical to actively strengthen your resilience and continuously adapt to the changing cybersecurity landscape. Discover how the Stratsys product can support you in meeting NIS2 requirements.

What is NIS2?

NIS2 aims to improve digital security in the EU and covers organizations involved in key sectors, both public and private. NIS2 sets high standards for taking appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a high level of information security. NIS2 includes, among others:

  • Stricter requirements for suppliers and supply chain security
  • Increased requirements for reporting incidents
  • Enhanced security measures to protect against cyber threats

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How Stratsys helps you with NIS2 compliance

Improved overview of current situation

Do you find it difficult to get a clear overview of how your organization meets NIS2? With the help of our Information Security & Data Protection product, you can produce a baseline analysis to identify differences in your current state and desired target state.


Protecting your organization's assets

Do you have an effective approach to identify, assess and manage risks related to networks and information systems? Stratsys gives you an overview of your organization's critical assets and helps you ensure the confidentiality, accuracy and availability of information.

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Overall risk picture and delegate responsibility

Many organizations often experience a challenge in that the management of data is done through different Excel sheets. This makes it more difficult to get an overall risk picture and time-consuming to get the work out into the business. With Stratsys, you can more easily coordinate your information security work, delegate responsibility and schedule activities.

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More features for successful work

Current situation analysis

Get a complete overview of the rules and legal requirements imposed on your business and your information security and data protection work, and how you comply with these requirements.


See clear links between objectives and activities in the ongoing work, as well as easy visualization of information assets, personal data processing and risks.

Effective data collection

Facilitates the process of collecting and compiling data from different parts of the organization in a consistent way.

Engaging the business

Creates the right conditions to be able to drive the work forward with action plans and follow-ups where everyone takes joint responsibility.

Discover more benefits of Stratsys

With Stratsys' Information Security & Data Protection product, you can easily gather the work around regulatory requirements in one platform and at the same time engage the entire organization in the work.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

What is NIS2?

NIS2 stands for 'Network and Information Systems Directive 2' and is an update of the previous NIS Directive. NIS2 aims to ensure a high level of information security across the EU by strengthening the protection of essential services, given the increasing digitalization and threats from cyber-attacks.

When will NIS2 enter into force?

As of January 16, 2023, EU member states will have to comply with NIS2 in their national legislation within a period of 21 months. The new rules are expected to enter into force by October 18, 2024, when the previous NIS Directive expires. The directive will then be transposed into national law and the requirements may be further specified.

What does NIS2 mean in Sweden?

NIS2 aims to maintain a high common level of cybersecurity within the EU and therefore it also applies to Sweden. On March 5, 2024, the proposal for a new cybersecurity law (SOU 2024:18) was presented in Sweden and it is proposed to enter into force on January 1, 2025. The proposal means that more sectors and actors are covered, and that all activities are covered, not just those directly mentioned in the law. Furthermore, the requirements for operators are tightened through minimum requirements for managing risks linked to the security of networks and information systems, as well as stricter reporting requirements.

Who is covered by NIS2?

NIS2 applies to all organizations, both public and private, that play a role in essential services. It covers a wide range of activities, from large energy companies and financial institutions to smaller healthcare facilities and transportation companies. Determining whether an organization is covered by NIS2 requires an assessment of its importance in maintaining the basic functions of society.

What is new in NIS2 compared to NIS?

NIS came into force in 2018 and was the first step towards tougher cybersecurity laws in the EU, targeting providers of essential services and some digital service providers. NIS2 is a follow-up to NIS and includes new industries such as transport and banking, as well as strengthened enforcement and sanctions for information security non-compliance.