Sustainability work at Stratsys

Towards a more sustainable world

At Stratsys, we engage in important social and environemental issues where we together can make a change and create a difference. We are convinced that our sustainbility work is a win-win for everyone involved and we hope to inspire more people to take the next step.

Reduced environmental impact and a better integration

At Stratsys we work systematically and goal-oriented with our sustainbility work. One of our many important sustainability goals is to reduce our ecological footprint, which is why we strive towards having climate-smart offices and reduced travel by running more meetings and projects digitally. We have a great commitment to social issues and integration where we collaborate with several organisations that serve to help people coming in to the labour market. Our employees therefore have a big responsibility and can get involved in this cause by partaking as mentors and inspire others as role models.

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Stratsys sustainability work & Agenda 2030

By publishing our own sustainability work, we hope to inspire others to work more transparently. At the same time, we also want to show that our sustainbility work is an ongoing process throughout the year. A simple and flexible way to bring our sustainbility work to life - directly inside Stratsys.


Our fantastic partners


Nema problema

Nema problema helps new people in Sweden to work-related employment and creates meetings between people from different backgrounds.


Jobbentrén helps companies like us to hire and develop newly arrived talents through providing continuous coaching of new hires as well as added support for employers.


Right to play

Right to Play creates long-term, equal and sustainable opportunities for newly arrived young people in the labour market.

Create engagement

We want to make it easier for our employees to get involved in various projects that promote sustainable development. This way, we get more people involved in the important work carried out by many of the fantastic non-profit organisations in our society today. Furthermore we can also support these organisations financially or with our own products that simplify working life so that they can create even more value to our society. It will be a win-win for everyone involved!


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