Information Security & Privacy

Take a smart approach to your information security

With Stratsys, you can conduct systematic and proactive work around information security and data protection, based on leading standards, where the entire organization collaborates to protect your information.

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Work systematically

A lacking approach can result in the inability to conduct business in an appropriate manner. Therefore, a systematic method is required to manage the continuous work of securing information and data.

Support for compliance

When new laws and regulations emerge, clear support is needed to implement and operationalize laws and frameworks across and through the business. Stratsys provides you with support for legal requirements related to information security and data protection.

Engage the entire organization

Information security is not just about IT systems, but also about people and processes. Therefore, the right conditions are needed to drive the work forward with action plans and follow-ups where everyone takes shared responsibility.

Get the complete picture you need

Stratsys provides you with a comprehensive overview of rules and legal requirements related to your information security work. See clear connections between goals and activities in the ongoing work, along with simple visualization of information assets, personal data processing, risks, and action plans.

Share and communicate internally

Ensure important information reaches the right person, at the right time. Stratsys acts as a support in the communication between management and those responsible in the organization.

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Work based on current regulations

With Stratsys, you get streamlined compliance processes that make it easy to integrate industry regulations and guidelines into your operational processes. Moreover, the distribution, reporting, and follow-up at all levels are simplified through a uniform and systematic approach to risk management.



The EU's General Data Protection Regulation, which is significant for information management and security, as it imposes strict requirements on the processing and protection of personal data.

ISO 27001 / 27002

An international series of standards for information security management that provides guidelines on how organizations can manage and secure their information safely.


An update to the EU's directive on the security of network and information systems, aimed at improving digital security across the EU.


Legislation within the EU aimed at increasing digital resilience within the financial sector, including requirements on cybersecurity and information management.

Efficient compilation that saves time

Based on your collected data, it becomes easy to compile an overview of the current situation. This not only saves valuable time but also provides management with a comprehensive basis for making well-informed decisions moving forward.

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More advantages with Stratsys

Streamline data collection

Avoid managing data in different places. Collect and aggregate data from various parts of the organization in a smooth manner.

Focus on analysis and strategy

A uniform workflow and good overview create space to focus on analysis and strategic prioritization.

Enhance transparency with traceability

An audit trail enables effective follow-up of risks through clearly defined responsibilities and roles.

Configure on your own

The Stratsys platform can be configured on your own, to save you from expensive consultancy fees. Of course, our support is always there when you need it.

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AI-generated action suggestions

Streamline the progress in working with action plans, measures, and follow-ups where everyone in the organization takes shared responsibility. With the help of AI-generated suggestions when creating actions, the process becomes not only faster but also smoother. You get a strong foundation to build upon, ensuring that no important step is missed in the work.


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