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Start up on your own and work independently using Stratsys products. You will quickly get started on digitisation of your work and creation of order regarding your plans.

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We will help you, whether you just want a little assistance with tips and suggestions or whether you want help with a comprehensive solution. By helping you with an overall solution we can adapt and establish your approaches to work in our products.

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Adapt your product

Do you already have an established approach to work that you wish to digitise with the aid of Stratsys? No problem – our project managers will adapt our products to your requirements! In the last year alone we have implemented over 100 projects, with a project-evaluation average of 4.6 on a five-point scale.

We will help you digitise your work!

1. Project plan and timetable

We will draw up a project plan with clear goals and milestones. Together we will set a timetable that creates a clear structure for the project.

2. Adaptation of the product

Together we will look at the way you currently work and how you want to work in future. On the basis of this we will adapt the product within Stratsys.

3. Test and conclude

The project will be concluded with testing, involving representatives from your organisation. We will ensure that the adapted product is clear, user-friendly and fit for purpose!

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