Counseling and Training courses

Making things happen in a big organisation can be a challenge. Making the right things happen might appear impossible. We offer both advice, support and training courses to help your organisation succeed in practice – at all levels of the organisation.

Counseling services

Change management

A new tool always means some kind of change. It is actually not until the people who are to use the tool change their behaviour that the desired effects kick in. We at Stratsys are extremely keen for our customers to achieve the effects they expect, and we thus offer active support for customers throughout the journey of change entailed by the introduction of our products. Our consultants will help you throughout the process.


Management and development support

When IT support has been implemented and is in place, we know that a plan will be needed going forward, to ensure good management and development. Our consultants will help you and your organisation find the right structures, create a clear subdivision of responsibilities and develop a concrete plan. A good structure simply ensures that you get the right prerequisites for optimum use of Stratsys.

Method and content support

No platform or other digital tool is better than its content. So for you to get the most out of your Stratsys product, we offer method support and content support in the form of workshops, theory reviews and quality audits. If there is relevant data elsewhere, it can furthermore be integrated into Stratsys so as to save the whole organisation time. Contact us, and we will tell you more about what we can do for you so as to improve the quality of your content.

Training courses

User training courses

We offer a flexible training set-up, combining digital hits with your own self-study, so you can learn what you need in order to make best use of Stratsys.

Administrator training course

As an administrator you have more tasks within Stratsys than a user, and thus need greater understanding and knowledge of the available settings and features.

Customise training courses

On the basis of your specific needs and wishes we can customise training courses for both users and administrators.

Book a training course

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