Efficient continuous improvements when Pulsen becomes ISO certified using Stratsys

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Maria Svanberg
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In this case study Robert Rinde, CISO at Pulsen Production, explains why they chose Stratsys’s solutions to support their ISO certification process and what results have been realised.  

Pulsen Production AB is a part of the Pulsen Group, which is Sweden’s oldest IT services company in operation, with more than 1300 employees and a turnover in excess of 3 billion SEK. The company delivers IT services and operations for business-critical systems.   

The Stratsys cooperation 

As part of their continuous improvements, Pulsen Production have been certified in the ISO quality management (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001) and information security (ISO 27001) standards. The process was launched late in 2018, when Stratsys were engaged to help provide a better overview of structures and processes.  

In order to successfully become certified, the company firstly needed to get their structures and processes in order. They needed a digital support tool to simplify and enable the certification process.  

Through the ISO certificates and ways of working, Pulsen clarifies structures and processes to live up to the tough requirements issued on customer services and delivery capabilities. For the company, a significant engagement from co-workers and changes to processes have been required.  

The final objective is clear: a stronger organisation better positioned to provide high-class services and deliveries to their clients using continuous improvements.  

Why did you choose Stratsys as the systems provider for your ISO certification process?  

– We evaluated several systems providers able to visualise our processes and document our integrated management system.  

”Stratsys was the tool best positioned to help us manage our management system long-term.”                     

– Using Stratsys we have not only been able to visualise and document processes and the management system as such, but also managed a lot of the practical work going into it. These include objectives, actions, deviations, improvements, risks, etc.  


What results have you realised using Stratsys?  

– Stratsys has helped us keep processes and the management system together in an efficient way, Roberts continues. The tool provides a nice and simple workflow, where all users get access to the relevant information. It has also enabled and simplified the audit process, as accounting for our management system efforts to external auditors is significantly simplified.  

Tangible improvements and safe deliveries  

”Becoming certified is great, but it’s even more important to keep working on improvements once you’ve been certified”                     

– The most important thing going forward is to ensure that we have ways of working that benefit both ourselves and our clients and that we keep working systematically. A process is never static. We have now created our process flows, but we will need to keep working on them.  

The cooperation between Stratsys and SIS streamlines the process  

Pulsen continues to develop their use of Stratsys in order to get better use out of the tool going forward.  

We are for example planning on migrating to the standard ISO 9001 product offered by Stratsys in cooperation with SIS, as we believe it will improve our management system and audit/certification even further.  

In 2018 Stratsys initiated a partnership with SIS (Swedish Institute for Standards). Along with SIS and external auditors, Stratsys has developed a standardised workflow product allowing organisations to work with the 9001, 14001 and 27001 ISO standards. In the Stratsys ISO workflow model, a user is provided an overview of the standard which allows them to easily link the standard requirements to their organisational processes, objectives, deviations, etc. 

The value that Stratsys brings: 

  • A tool for planning and follow-up of an organisation’s processes and objectives 
  • An overview of the standard with an accompanying checklist
  • A tool for simplifying deviations, improvements and actions management
  • A workflow for dealing with the organisation’s context (needs and expectations of interested parties, opportunities and risk evaluation)
  • The possibility of directly linking your strategic plan and ISO workflow
  • An audit plan with accompanying checklists
  • A management review report and accompanying action lists