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What Stratsys offers

We help our customers within the energy and recycling sector to digitise their strategic business and sustainability work in order to better grasp the new goals and business opportunities facing the industry. We also provide the opportunity for straightforward and systematic risk and control work throughout the organisation, in order to create the prerequisites for better preparedness, good adherence to regulations and minimal problem management.

Digital information security work, e.g. in accordance with ISO 27001, ensures that GDPR standards are maintained and laws are adhered to, as well as providing readiness and the keys to prevention of hacking.

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Strategic execution & Sustainability

For the strategic, tactical and operational work on your plan for business and operations. Focus on facilitating strategic execution within the business, using simple and clear supporting tools, so as to allow work on the right project and activities both within your teams and individually. The aim is to strive to achieve the company's goals and implement its strategies, whereby progress can be followed by everyone in real time.

> Strategic planning
> Sustainability

Risk & Control Management

The ongoing work on risk and control plays a crucial role within the energy and recycling sector. Being fully up to speed regarding the risks in connection with business goals, strategic IT security work, the supply chain (prices, etc.), the environment and sustainability work has become a competitive advantage and a hygiene factor. This work needs handling in a systematic and structured manner throughout the organisation, applying clear responsibilities and providing support.

> Risk management
> Internal control

Information security

Create structured information security work throughout the company. Create a unified structure for all work concerning information security. Ensure that in your information management you are maintaining GDPR standards and adhering to laws, and that you are complying with standards, e.g. regarding ISO 27001.

> Information security

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