Information Security

Is GDPR giving you a headache? Let us help you.

Get all the guidance and support you need to handle all your data and information assets. Stratsys tool for Information Security helps you stay in control and keep your work in line with GDPR regulations.

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We know complying with all laws and regulations can be tricky, but don’t worry, we’ve designed the perfect features to guide you along the way.

Goal alignment

Each department can set and follow its own goals in alignment with the company’s overall goals.


Get a real time overview of the strategic plans, KPI diagrams and each department’s progress.


Analyse in the context of your goals and metrics; manage reports manually or integrate them with your overall analysis.


One of our most popular features. Easily compile each department’s account and put together reports and analyses.


Sending daily reminders of your assigned tasks means nothing gets forgotten.

Risk matrix

Visualize potential risks, their probability and consequences, and get a clear understanding of what needs to be handled.


Get things done by delegating assignments to yourself or other co-workers.

Adjustable & Flexible

We’ll be happy to help you customize the product to suit your specific needs.

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