Sustainability - It’s business critical

Tracking your company’s sustainability goals and achievements is about more than compliance - it’s the key to a competitive advantage. Stratsys Sustainability product lets businesses easily apply frameworks and meet legal requirements, quickly taking meaningful steps towards sustainable growth.
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All frameworks at your fingertips

Stratsys makes it easy to map an organization’s sustainability goals against multiple frameworks, letting businesses quickly put in place KPIs and sustainability strategy, set and visualized right down to operational tasks.

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Sustainability data

Get the big picture

Whether used on its own or as part of a broader ecosystem of products, Stratsys allows sustainability specialists access to all the relevant sustainability data. And by putting sustainability reporting front and centre, organizations can identify issues, fix them, and grow their business.

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It's a productivity product

Give every stakeholder information that they can really use - at the click of a button. With automated report generation in a wide range of formats, data can be effortlessly shared across the whole organisation.

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Relevant frameworks and regulations for sustainability reporting


ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance and is a more detailed definition of the concept of sustainability.

Sustainable Development goals

The 17 global goals for sustainability development aim to create a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable world.

EU taxonomy

The EU taxonomy helps to classify environmentally sustainable economic investments with the aim of reaching the Paris Agreement by 2050.

GHG Protocol

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol is a standard for how businesses can calculate and report greenhouse gas emissions.


GRI stands for Global Reporting Initiative and is a framework for how companies can report sustainability.


TCFD stands for Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures and is in support of how companies should be able to identify their climate-related financial risks and opportunities.

Why choose Stratsys Sustainability product?


With complete oversight of all sustainability issues in one place and all relevant frameworks available out of the box, you can quickly get to work on improving your company’s profile.


Easily configurable for new requirements as and when they occur, Stratsys Sustainability grows with your company, adapting to a constantly changing sustainability landscape.


A single point of truth for the entire organisation helps breaks down silos and lets all stakeholders easily access the information they need for better, quicker decision making.


Data without context is meaningless - Stratsys Sustainability is all about giving you data you can use, giving you relevant insights no matter which role you occupy within an organisation.

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