The tool for your strategic sustainability work

We support your organization in transitioning from primarily focusing on data collection to focusing more on analysis, strategy, and implementation. In addition to a user-friendly system that simplifies the work, we can also provide expert advice.

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Consolidate work in one place

By consolidating work in Stratsys, collaboration between colleagues, departments, and offices is facilitated, providing a complete overview of your sustainability data.

Make the strategy clear to everyone

Map out your most significant sustainability issues and make your strategy clear by linking goals, key performance indicators, and actions - from the management level down to operational tasks.

Ensure compliance with frameworks

The collected data results in a sustainability report that creates the conditions to meet the reporting requirements that your business is subject to. Time-saving and easy!

A complete solution for working with CSRD/ESRS

In Stratsys, you can work on everything from double materiality analysis to reporting in a systematic and efficient manner.

  • Conduct double materiality analysis
  • Clarify strategy and key performance indicators
  • Visualize and analyze
  • Follow up and compile report

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Get support for multiple frameworks and standards

In Stratsys, you can work with the collection and analysis of ESG data, based on several international frameworks and standards, in addition to the CSRD directive. You can also complement with more products to further deepen the work and achieve clear synergies.



An EU directive aimed at improving and increasing the transparency of corporate sustainability reporting.


Standards developed to support CSRD, aimed at standardizing how companies within the EU report on their sustainability impact.


An international standard for environmental management systems that helps organizations reduce their environmental impact, comply with legal requirements, and achieve environmental goals.

GHG Protocol

A standardized framework for quantifying and managing greenhouse gas emissions, central to efforts against climate change.

Global Goals

Also known as Agenda 2030 or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 global goals established by the UN to achieve a more sustainable future for all.

Why Stratsys Sustainability management?

  • Conduct double materiality analysis
  • ESRS Disclosure Requirements (GAP analysis)
  • Climate calculations according to the GHG Protocol
  • Flexible configuration of more frameworks & standards
  • Collaborate and distribute responsibility for goals, key performance indicators, and actions
  • Clarify the common thread in your sustainability strategy
  • Risk management with support for analysis and action plans
  • Follow up and compile report
  • Visualize your progress in dashboards
  • Scalable tool - design it based on your needs today and tomorrow
  • Easy to integrate with other systems to collect and simplify your work
  • Established partnerships with leading consulting firms in the industry

Streamline strategic work with Stratsys AI

Stratsys AI is a functionality you can use to work faster and smarter on your sustainability strategy. By utilizing this functionality, you can easily generate suggestions for activities that can be implemented to achieve a specific goal.

  • Accelerate productivity
  • Make quicker decisions
  • Achieve higher quality

Expand with more solutions as needed

Add additional value and efficiency to your work with our supplementary modules for supplier assessments and the EU Taxonomy. There are also great opportunities to integrate with other systems.

EU Taxonomy

The results from your taxonomy reporting can advantageously be entered into Stratsys. It gives you an overview of where you stand. But most importantly, it provides a good workflow for continuing to work with actions related to improving how you align with the taxonomy.

Supplier Assessment

With Stratsys, there is the opportunity to conduct comprehensive assessments of your most critical suppliers based on the organization's requirements and risk, depending on the country and industry in which the supplier operates.

Take control of your sustainability work today

Let us tell you more about how you can improve your strategic sustainability work with Stratsys. Book a free demo, and we will contact you.