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What Stratsys offers

We help our customers within the Manufacturing Industry with tools to keep their strategic work transparent and sustainable throughout the organisation. From overall group strategy (e.g. a Balanced Scorecard) through to continuously implementable goals and activities amongst the teams (e.g. OKRs).

Also ensuring compliance and creating good operational risk management gives managers and employees the prerequisites for working on the right things, freeing up time and jointly focusing on systematic development and improvement of the business.

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Strategic execution & Sustainability

For the strategic, tactical and operational work on your plan for business and operations. Focus on facilitating strategic execution within the business, using simple and clear supporting tools, so as to allow work on the right project and activities both within your teams and individually. The aim is to strive to achieve the company's goals and implement its strategies, whereby progress can be monitored by everyone in real time.

> Strategic planning
> Sustainability


Clear internal governance and control increase flexibility, whereby the business can quickly adjust to changes and improve its ability to achieve its goals. Adherence to regulations, creation of transparency and ensuring the existence of the prerequisites within the dynamic, geographically dispersed organisation. Ensure that policies and legal requirements are adhered to, and that a process is in place for this within all companies through self-assessments etc.

> Internal control

Operational Risk Management

Industrial activities involve risks and opportunities. You need to be up to speed on your operational risks, and they should be managed systematically through identification, assessment and measures. For most managers (with whom ultimate responsibility lies), however, it can be hard to manage the risks on the basis of various special areas, such as work environment, safety, IT, operations and sustainability, because of the lack of knowledge and different processes/approaches to work.

> Risk management

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