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Performance management during growth

How Sims Recycling Solutions succeeded with its performance management in the middle of a growth period

It’s not always so easy to implement effective performance management that permeates the entire company. Especially in the middle of a growth period. 

Staying focused during strong growth

At Sims Recycling Solutions the need was clear. Its business was in a period of strong growth and continuous development and there was a real need for better control and follow-up, especially as a leading supplier of electronic recycling on an international market.

Follow-up in an international context

With performance management documentation in several different locations, using Microsoft Office documents ultimately became unworkable. The result was a fragmented picture of the business and difficulties compiling data for follow-up.

Five challenges:

  • To be able to concretize and clarify its strategic plan for the whole organization
  • To manage and follow up on prioritized key figures and activities linked to the strategic plan
  • To provide management with an overall picture and decision-making data, and provide space for a more strategic dialogue and agenda
  • To be able to compile and communicate results and progress faster in uniform visual reports to various stakeholders (e.g. monthly reports to the parent company)
  • To bring together all the plans to be implemented and followed up in the same tool
  • Everything in one place and clearer follow-up

To simply and effectively address Sim Recycling Solutions’ five challenges, a single management system for business control and follow-up was introduced. All of the documentation was moved to one place and the reporting opportunities in Stratsys have given all of the stakeholders and decision-makers a comprehensive overview of how the business is performing. The management system was then expanded to strengthen the whole organization in its reporting and follow-up process.

Business plan
The strategic plan is visualized with a common thread from the focus areas and company-wide goals, through activities and sub-activities at the department level. The plan is clearly broken down and the organization can clearly see how departments contribute to shared goals.

Key figures and measures 

Key figures are visualized with status colors, trends and analysis in order to quickly see whether there are any nonconformities. The progress of planned/adjusted measures is shown in the Gantt chart or through different views. Everything is simply and automatically compiled in one place with a clear link to set strategies.

Different types of standard and customized reports (e.g. monthly reports) are automatically compiled in the system using report templates. Sims’ graphic profile is available and reports can be exported to MS Office or the intranet at the click of a button.

Meeting minutes,measures and decisions

All meetings are managed in the Stratsys RunYourMeeting module. Agendas, calendar bookings, minutes, notes, decisions and measures are stored in the same place as business planning and follow-up. All measures arising from plans or meetings are shown on the respective user’s start page.


Shared structure and transparency at all levels

Since both the data and the documentation can be found in a shared management system, the management group now has a shared platform to work with, which has also increased transparency amongst departments. Control has therefore become clearer and stricter and this has made it easier for each department manager to communicate goals, KPIs and activities in their respective departments.

This, in turn, means that employees understand why the activities have to be carried out. The employees are also working actively in the system and always following up on their respective department’s activities. Since all of the activities are linked to the monthly reports, which are produced at the click of a button, the administrative burden is minimized as is the duplicated work that used to take place.


  • A shared platform that increases transparency between departments and the management group
  • More effective, stricter control
  • Easier communication of goals, KPIs and activities by department managers
  • Greater understanding among employees about why the activities need to be implemented
  • Unwanted duplicate work is avoided
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