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ArcelorMittal Construction Sverige AB, the Swedish branch of the world’s largest steel group with around 200,000 employees around the globe, has extensive experience in working with risks and safety within health and safety issues. But when it came to managing requirements and risks in the business itself, the organization found that it lacked both the experience and a good tool for creating a comprehensive management structure in accordance with the requirements of the new ISO standard (ISO 9001:2015). ArcelorMittal decided this was something that needed to change.

The challenge: scattered documents and unclear structure

Process risks in the business used to be managed using several different types of Excel files containing both risk assessments and proposals for improvement. The documents were scattered across several different locations: servers, mailboxes and desktops. Furthermore, there was no clear policy or structure for updating them.     

 When everything depends on one person

 One administrator was responsible for compilation, sending reminders and hunting down content, due to the lack of tools, structure and delegation of responsibility. 2conciliate was used to visualize the primary and supporting processes as well as strengths, weaknesses and risks, but it was unable to identify, manage or take care of different types of risk. Quite simply, a tool was needed that could handle all of these.   

 Visualize the operation for the whole organization

Given the pronounced focus on risk prevention and safety in the group, it’s important that the whole organization contributes to making sure that what needs to be managed is actually managed. When a risk observation is recorded and added to the system, it’s essential that feedback is provided and improvements are made, all the way from management team down to the individual workers. Not only does this improve performance management, it also increases commitment throughout the organization.  

From management group to monthly meetings and snapshots

The tool could also be used in management group meetings and monthly meetings, as well as for follow-up activities. It also must be able to handle continuous improvements and reports and to show a snapshot of the business.

Specification for system support:

Supports the introduction of requirement and risk management in accordance with the new ISO 9001:2015

  • Visualizes quality and control work for the whole organization
  • Removes Excel lists and administration and brings everything together in one place
  • Streamlines the processes and manages continuous improvements 
  • Provides oversight and faster feedback regarding actions (and sends notifications when action is taken)
  • Evaluates and follows up in a systematic way 

The solution: A personal dashboard

Since implementing Stratsys, risk management has been clarified for the whole organization. Thanks to a personal dashboard, everyone can look at the process according to their own perspective and see their part in the bigger picture. This elucidates relevant work and processes, and the right people are sent action items and reminders so that the work always moves forward without the need to apply pressure. 


  • Risk and action management is linked to processes
  • Personal dashboard with automatic notifications
  • Actions, audit nonconformities and proposals for improvement are brought together
  • Overview of the business is provided and is linked to quality management work   
  • Automates and streamlines report production 
  • Flexible and adapted for further development

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