Agenda and meeting minutes – free template for meeting success

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Joakim Stattin
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Do you run your meetings with or without an agenda?

How do you run your meetings? Do you prepare an open meeting agenda or a strict one? Do you prefer the same structure for each meeting and work systematically over time or is every meeting a new reality with unique conditions and challenges?

Whatever you prefer, Im pretty sure you dont enjoy wasting time. Im quite sure you would agree that clear documentation is helpful in a high-paced work environment and that it facilitates follow-up. Am I right? If yes - a clean, simple and comprehensive agenda template is something youd probably find rather useful.

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Meeting time well spent with the right administration

Meetings arent rocket science, but Im pretty sure a company like SpaceX is also a meeting-intense one. Having said that, you dont need to be in the space travel business to be dependent on great meetings in order to succeed. Meetings are important in all teams and organisations, and in order for meetings to be productive we need to create the right conditions to focus on the content of the meeting, and not the meeting administration itself. We need to meet, discuss, debate and hopefully in the end, agree. If the meeting administration is done right, all meeting participants know the purpose of the meeting and can spend their time in the meeting contributing to deliver on that purpose. When the meeting is over everyone knows whats expected of them and where to look for documentation if memory fails them later on. If we aim to send a rocket to space and have it back safely in one piece, its not enough to make decisions and delegate actions, we need to document them too.

Stop waisting time - have great meetings

At Stratsys we spend our days trying to make your meetings as much of a joy as possible. And even though you might not want to try our meetings tool for free, we feel it’s everyone’s right to have a great agenda template in their organisation. So, stop wasting time and start having great meetings and send that rocket to space (and land it back on Earth)!

Download the agenda template

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