Working successfully with double materiality analysis

To ensure relevant and credible sustainability reporting that meets the legal requirements of CSRD and complies with ESRS, double materiality analysis is the fundamental work. Stratsys offers a digital support that not only simplifies the work process with the analysis but also ensures that you meet the requirements.


Gather information and analysis in one place

Consolidate all information and analysis in one system. Having an overview of your work makes it easier to engage the whole organization and makes information easily accessible, transparent and shareable.

Create structure with a unified process

Work efficiently and consistently with in-depth analysis of both consequential and financial materiality, allowing you the flexibility to fit your organization's unique needs.

Select the level at which the analysis will be conducted

Choose the level at which you want to carry out the analysis, either top down at group level or bottom up at subsidiary level.

Getting a handle on material sustainability issues

  • Structure the requirements in ESRS standards to simplify the implementation of impact, risk and opportunity assessments.
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel by starting from a ready-made process.
  • Use the process to identify, assess, manage and monitor your material sustainability issues.

Involve key stakeholders

The materiality assessment needs to be carried out consistently in dialog with affected stakeholders to ensure the accuracy of the assessment and the completeness of the result.

  • In Stratsys you can easily document the involvement with key stakeholders.
  • The documentation can include the type of dialog, views and interest per topic, and how these views have been addressed.
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Streamlining reporting

Easily generate reports and documentation showing the results of the double materiality analysis.

  • Use Stratsys to easily create reports based on your collected data and documentation.
  • This saves valuable time and streamlines the communication of material sustainability issues both internally and externally.

More features for successful work

Sustainability strategy

Based on the assessment of what is material, you can use Stratsys to develop sustainability strategies, collect data for relevant KPIs, define objectives and create detailed activity plans.

Stratsys AI

By generating suggestions for activities that can be implemented to achieve a specific goal, Stratsys AI helps you work both faster and smarter with your sustainability strategy.

Allocation of responsibilities

Distribute tasks such as data collection, action proposals and follow-up in the form of comments to different people in a simple way.

Risk management

In Stratsys, there are views that collect identified impacts, risks and opportunities. Here you can work further on the management of these by creating actions and evaluating outcomes.

Discover more benefits of Stratsys sustainability product

Working systematically with double materiality analysis is a fundamental part of our Sustainability Management product. Discover a more efficient and structured approach to CSRD/ESRS in your organization.

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