Internal Control

Stronger and faster with effective internal control

With Stratsys, internal control can act as a map. By integrating the control work into your planning and risk analysis, you gain a simpler follow-up process with a lower administrative burden.

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Internal control as an added value

Internal control is about developing internal and external regulations and processes for how we work. The plans are put in place to ensure that we do our work properly, while at the same time addressing the risks and demands we face.

Identify opportunities for improvement

Good internal control is included in our work without being an additional administrative burden. Strasys’ internal control aims to help an organisation produce and follow up on working methods that meet external and internal requirements.

Gain control and report on evaluations

Controls can be followed up through formal tests, self-assessments or through the continuous support work of our control specialists. The aim is to check the courses set out in the steering documents or working instructions.


Steering your organisation in the right direction requires astute and reliable assistance. That’s why we’ve created a set of smart features, designed to help you succeed.


Analyse in the context of your goals and metrics; manage reports manually or integrate them with your overall analysis.

To-do lists

With personal to-do lists, all assignments with deadlines are gathered and easily accessible.


See what’s been done, what you must do during the current period, and what’s on your future agenda.


One of our most popular features. Easily compile each department’s account and put together reports and analysis.

Annual planning cycle

Get an overview by visualising the most important events of the year in an interactive wheel chart.


Sending daily reminders of your assigned tasks means nothing gets forgotten.

Risk matrix

Visualise potential risks, their probability and consequences, and get a clear understanding of what needs to be handled.


Get things done by delegating assignments to yourself or other co-workers.


Upload documents related to different parts of the process, e.g. goals, activities or meetings.

Cloud based

A cloud based setup gives you freedom, flexibility and security all-in-one.

Adjustable & flexible

We’ll be happy to help you customise the product to suit your specific needs.

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