Say hi to work-life simplicity, say hi to new Stratsys!

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Magnus Pernvik
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At Stratsys, we have always had a dream: to simplify work-life for as many people as possible. So far, this dream has taken us on a journey through the Nordics, but the time has come to take ourselves a bit more seriously.

Work-life simplicity for everyone!

In order to reach our dream we have now created a global brand based on three cornerstones: simplicity, reliability and likeability. And after months of expectations, blood, sweat and some tears as well as a gritty creativity, we proudly present new Stratsys. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

What’s new?

  • Our lovely new logo and new crisp design
  • A new website with modern design and smoother navigation
  • A Knowledge Hub with customer cases, blogs, webinars and more
  • The new design will be implemented in Stratsys platform gradually the coming weeks, however the tools functionality will stay the same
  • Our meeting tool RunYourMeeting has a brand new name, Stratsys Meetings, and a new home here

Why a new design?

In this ever evolving digital world things move fast, very fast, and we all need to find our own path to success. We wanted the Stratsys brand to reflect our culture and our daily mission to simplify work-life for everyone. We call it work-life simplicity.

Why change the name RunYourMeeting?

RunYourMeeting is now  a part of the new Stratsys brand and with a new name: Stratsys Meetings. The reason for this is change is to deliver a better product to all our users.

Stratsys has always been the company behind RunYourMeeting, so for us the move is very natural. As an RunYourMeeting user, you will feel right at home in Stratsys Meetings. All your favourite features will remain the same and the only apparent difference will be updated colors and a new logo.

The move will also enable a lot of future possibilities. For example, right now we’re working hard to allow users to move seamlessly, between different products, within the Stratsys platform. More on this in the future.


Today, we’re simplify work-life for people in the Nordics, but that’s not enough. In order to bring work-life simplicity to everyone, we are launching new Stratsys, and at the same time improving both our website and products. We’re also launching a brand-new Knowledge Hub to better help you simplify your work and provide knowledge and to help you on every step of your journey. We hope you like these changes as much as we do.

Welcome to new Stratsys!