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Alexander Wigert
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Stratsys is always striving to make your work-life easier!

The next step: Stratsys App! 

Stratsys app is perfect for anyone who wants to simplify their work-life. It lets you follow up on your goals and activities anytime, anywhere. Update the meeting agenda on the bus, end activities on the way home from the gym or report on your KPIs during the picnic!

The app is perfect for those who do a lot of traveling on the job, for those who have flexible working hours or simply those who don't want to miss anything! Stratsys App lets you follow both your own and your organisation's development in real-time and keep track of your goals and results!

Stratsys App lets you:
  • Keep yourself updated on your goals and results
  • Get a quick overview of charts and important events
  • See all your details in the to-do list
  • Complete activities directly in the app
  • Report on goals and activities
  • Switch to the Meetings app to follow up your meetingstrippel-app

Thats' what we call Work-Life Simplicity!

Download the app!