How we work with sustainability

Written by
Erik Englund
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The road to a more sustainable society

During 2019 we are going to share our sustainability work here on the blog. What challenges are we facing and what possibilities do we see opening up as a result of the sustainability focus? And of course – what do we do to activate the sustainability strategies we’ve created? First off, I’m going to explain the foundation of our sustainability work, and why we decided to go with it.

Our efforts for sustainability

At Stratsys, we want to engage in social- and environmental issues, to face the challenges and opportunities of today.

To decrease our environmental impact, we strive for climate-friendly offices and conferences, and less traveling in favor of more web meetings. Our biggest engagement lies in the social issues of our society, where we want to help organisations and create opportunities for our coworkers to engage with these organisations.

So, what’s the framework for our sustainability work? We choose to follow the 1-1-1 principle, meaning that we every year donate a percent of our time and revenue to charity.

Every year we donate:

  • 1 % of our profit as a gift to chosen organisations
  • 1 % of our profit as products
  • 1 % of our profit converted into work hours

A win-win for all parties

We believe that we as a company can be a platform where we offer our personnel different types of involvement for the benefit of a more sustainable world. In that way, we get more people involved in the important work that so many amazing organisations carry. That we can support these organisations economically, or with our products, is of course also a benefit, since it helps them to streamline their internal processes and create more social benefits.

By other means – it’s a win-win for all parties! We get to grow with our co-workers and maybe even become a more attractive place to work. At the same time, we support our society to develop in the right direction and climate impact decreases. That’s something that we are proud over!

You can read more about our sustainability work here.