A great work-place

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Alexander Wigert
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We are more than proud that our employees rate Stratsys as a great workplace. No less than 97 % rated the company as a great place to work in our yearly employee survey. Quite amazing results if you ask us!

From good to very good
For the third time in a row, Stratsys increased the results and became certified in the yearly international survey Great Place to Work, rating great employers all over the world.

In the survey, all co-workers can rate key factors such as career opportunities, offers, leadership and work-life balance. This year Stratsys employees rated our work-place even higher, taking a giant leap from good to great. We are proud to see that our passionate work of creating a thriving workplace is appreciated.

97% says Stratsys is a great work-place!

Thank you!
A big thank you to all our staff for their engagement and feedback. Your dedication and likeability is what makes our unique Stratsys culture so special.

What makes you like your job?
It’s vital for us to be a work-place where everyone can reach their full potential and at the same time have fun.  We value each other ideas and thrive to always improve our environment for everyone to enjoy their job. This year’s results shows that we are on the right path to continue to be a great workplace.

Our values – the Stratsys culture
Imagine our happy surprise when Samuel and Christoffer from our product team spontaneously sent us some designs for our core values: Simplicity, Likeability och Reliability.  Isn't that the best token of engagement you can get from your colleagues? Now we have awesome stickers we can give each other when we have done something great. It should be easy to give positive feedback!


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