Norex takes the sustainability work to the next level with Stratsys

Sustainability plan

A better overview of current frameworks reduced administrative workload and increased internal commitment were some of the requests when Norex would streamline its sustainability work.

Norex is an entrepreneur in the steel industry who sells scrap steel from steel mills to customers who in turn use it in their production. They also offer services to steel mills in the form of handling scrap and side streams from production. The company has a clear sustainability vision that involves making the most of the world's steel and not letting anything go to waste.

As part of achieving Norex's sustainability vision, they saw a need for a more efficient way of handling sustainability reporting as well as a tool that could help them live up to current legal requirements and frameworks.


Reporting under constant progress

Josefin Lindell, sustainability coordinator at Norex describes the challenges of the work today. A lot of time was spent preparing the annual sustainability report, a task that involved extensive manual administration.

We wrote a sustainability report every year because we have it as a legal requirement and every time it was an incredibly long effort to produce the data that was needed, explains Josefin.

In addition to requirements for a more efficient process for reporting, there was also a great need for a tool where it was possible to work with several different sustainability frameworks in the same place. A tool to grow with, which can be adapted regardless of whether the business grows, or new frameworks needs to be implemented.

Being able to show the sustainability work based on the various frameworks is flexible. We work very much from an ESG perspective within the entire organization, that is how we have chosen to set up our work with sustainability. But we also want to be able to follow up the work based on, for example, GRI and Agenda 2030, to see how the different frameworks reflect each other.

What we like about Stratsys is that we have not bought a static product, but that it is constantly evolving. We will get what is required for us to be able to deliver on sustainability issues - both today and in the future. 

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Stratsys’ tool can help you to achieve your strategic plan, set the right priorities and follow up in real-time. We make it easy to stay one step ahead.

Clarity and transparency increase internal commitment

Josefin describes that an additional challenge with the sustainability work is to make the organization feel that it can make a difference in the daily work and maintain motivation and understanding of the sustainability work. That also includes getting the sustainability work out in the entire organization, so that it reaches all locations and employees at the right level.


With Stratsys, the sustainability work becomes clear to the entire organization without the need to be overwhelmed. You can decide for yourself whether you want to take part in the whole large and complex picture or whether you want to zoom in on a specific area

- Josefin Lindell, Norex

Prioritize time on the right things that lead to improvements

Josefin says that Norex also uses Stratsys at a strategic level where they work with comparisons of KPIs to identify and prioritize improvement measures.

- For example, we can use Stratsys to keep track of diesel and electricity consumption per month and unit, explains Josefin. On units where the company has the same type of production, we can easily compare and question the data. This device gets these results but uses less energy, how come? You get a lot for free just by entering some extra parameters.

- Stratsys makes it possible to have so many different rapporteurs and to be able to report in your area. For my part, the administrative burden is reduced, and I can be excluded from the ongoing reporting so that the person who owns the data must report it in the system. That's time I can spend focusing on the important issues, which has been a huge help in having Stratsys.

Customer service in focus

Josefin concludes by saying that the introduction of Stratsys has made a huge difference to the structure of the daily sustainability work and participation in the organization.

- Something that I think should be highlighted is how keen Stratsys is that we as a company should get started and succeed with the sustainability work. It not only feels like you are a customer who is being invoiced but there is a will for me as a person and Norex as a company to succeed. You get an incredibly warm welcome and feel seen, concludes Josefin.


You get an incredibly warm welcome and feel seen.

- Josefin Lindell, Norex


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