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Maria Svanberg
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ForumCiv needed better structures for risk management in its organisation, both at the management group level and at the department level. Thanks to Stratsys, ForumCiv now has uniform processes for its risk management work, a clearer overview and interest and commitment from its employees.

Flexible, easy to use and helps create structure

ForumCiv has been working on risk management at different levels in the organization for many years, both in Sweden and in its other country offices. In the past, the organization had difficulty obtaining an overview of what was happening overall and in each department regarding risk management. As a result, the board and management group didn’t have an overall picture to work with. Another problem was duplicated work because the same risk areas could be brought up at different levels and in different departments without coordination between them.

Fredrik Hallor, IT coordinator at ForumCiv, says that creating lists in Excel and Word used to be the most common way of compiling risks and action plans. The lists were emailed around the organization and stored in shared file areas. This practice caused problems as it was uncertain which documents were the latest versions.

ForumCiv began using Stratsys for internal control and risk management in their business planning in the run-up to 2015, a project that began in fall 2014. Now the work on internal control and risks is also integrated with work on the business plan in Stratsys. The tool for internal control and risks is now integrated with the organization’s management model for business planning. This means that risk management has a natural place in the planning process for goals and activities at the upper level (board and management group) and at the department level (department managers and employees). ForumCiv has also successfully used the risk matrix in Stratsys to visualize workshop-related efforts for the Board and departments, and this has been greatly appreciated.

“Stratsys makes it easy to find the latest versions of plans and reports. It’s also useful to visualize the common thread through our planning and follow-up processes, which helps to create understanding, interest and commitment among employees,” says Fredrik Hallor, and adds:

“The system is flexible and easy to use and helps create structure in our work.”