Stratsys Academy

Training courses

Ensure you have the right skills for the organisation. With Stratsys Academy we ensure your team gets full control of your entire setup – whether you are new to Stratsys, growing rapidly or just need a refresher.

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User training courses

In order for you to be able to use Stratsys in the best possible way, we recommend that everyone who is new to Stratsys or who needs a refresher participates in a user training course. These take place 100% digitally and usually last for 3 hours. Users will learn the basics of Stratsys and how to work with planning, follow-up and reports. We combine review with doing our own exercises to learn in the best way.


Administrator training course

Depending on your role and responsibilities as an administrator, we offer different training as shown below. If you want to immerse yourself in the content of each training step, you can read more about it here.


Admin 1

Get better at problem-solving using the tool, and provide support for your employees.


Admin 2

Gain knowledge of how you can make simple adjustments and updates to your Stratsys set-up.


Admin 3

Learn how to administrate all the different settings for your particular set-up.


Admin rapport

Become an expert at creating, changing and administrating all the different types of report in your system.

Customise training courses

Depending on your role within the organisation, there are various possibilities for you to learn more, both about how Stratsys works in general and about what applies to your specific Stratsys set-up. When you select a customised training course you can create your own course together with one of our course leaders, and can adjust the content in accordance with your organisation's requirements. You decide when and where we carry out the training. Describe your wishes, and we will get back to you.