Integration & API

Link your data with ready-made adapters

Loads of data spread across several systems? No worries, we’ll take care of that. Our Integration Services provide your organization with the ability to rapidly and cost-effectively create a seamless flow between many of the most popular systems.

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Stratsys Web Services and API's

Stratsys provides the ability to build custom integrations directly into the platform's APIs. All communication takes place safely through encryption and authentication. Stratsys has ready-made APIs that:
- Update organizational charts
- Manage users and permissions
- Create goals, activities and key figures
- Update measurement values, such as current data

Flat file-loading
Stratsys has a standard interface for reading key data via tab-delimited text files. You can map the organization and input key figures directly in the user interface. The files are sent securely via an encrypted FTP connection and then read into Stratsys automatically. You decide how often the data should be updated.

Excel Import
In Stratsys you have the opportunity to load large amounts of data via Stratsys Excel Import. A step-by-step guide helps you update the key data for a large number of key figures and units in one fell swoop. If you have imported the same format previously, Stratsys will remember the choices you made and make the imports without your having to go through the wizard.

Integrated tables in Stratsys reports
You can add integrated tables that update automatically from your source system in the same easy way you include tables from your plans in your follow-up reports. We have a number of pre-packaged integration solutions with financial and budgetary systems, and these can easily be extended to support new sources.

Publication to the intranet/website
It’s possible to publish all information that can be displayed in Stratsys views directly to the internet or intranet. The information shown is administered in the same simple way as the tool. Internal information in the published views can be locked to your IP address so that the privilege is limited.

Integration with Outlook
By linking your Stratsys to-do list to Outlook, you get automatic reminders in your calendar such as when a task must be completed or when it’s time to report on key indicators.

Ready-made connectors
Ready-made adapters for many systems are included in Stratsys Integration Services. The adapters simplifies integrating data from e.g.Visma, Agresso, Kolada, Raindance, Qlik Sense, QlikView, Microsoft 0365, MS Power BI, MS Dynamics and others.