Raoul Wallenbergskolan

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Maria Svanberg
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Stratsys provides Raoul Wallenbergskolan with a better overview, easier access to archives and the opportunity to plan for its future concerning systematic quality work.

Raoul Wallenbergskolan

Sara Corneliusson at Raoul Wallenbergskolan found that the school’s goals tended to be words that would just get lost in a stack of papers. In the past, the goals ended up in Word and Excel files that were saved in different locations. Thanks to Stratsys there is now much better structure and goals are more regularly achieved.

If goals are to be more than just empty words, it’s important to be able to measure them. Stratsys has supported this very process for Raoul Wallenbergskolan. The tool has also made it easier for the school to create a common vision to prevent different departments from working in different directions.


“Thanks to Stratsys we’ve been able to work toward the school’s goals in a far more efficient and educational way,” says Sara Corneliusson, development manager at Raoul Wallenbergskolan.

“Previously this was a challenge as everything was documented in Word or Excel. Now, together with the department managers and their staff, I can log in anytime and clearly see what the balanced scorecards look like.” 

This means that Sara and her colleagues can easily get a snapshot of the current situation; at the same time, they can also view the history or look ahead to see what work is planned next.


“The positive effects that we can see are that we can work toward the school’s goals in a far more efficient, educational way. Furthermore, nobody can avoid their responsibilities because it’s easy to make comparisons, both over time and with other school departments. Stratsys creates quality in the way we work.”