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Maria Svanberg
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Aleris uses several Stratsys products and considers the tool to be a key source of support for its planning, follow-up and reporting processes. With the help of Stratsys, the overall results for the whole of Aleris Omsorg can be found quickly. With the help of Stratsys, they can quickly get an overview of all of Aleris Omsorg’s results.

All planning, follow-up and reporting in one place

Pia Malm at Aleris Omsorg says that she can divide life into “before and after Stratsys”. Before, all of the operation’s documents for follow-up and reports were in different folders and systems. It took a long time to compile the teams’ documentation in order to generate an overall picture, and it was virtually impossible to draw conclusions from the data.

“A lot of emails, documents and instructions were sent around the organisation. A few people sat down and compiled all the documents and had to report the results and to what extent the goals had been achieved. It took a long time and the operations didn’t receive any feedback for several months.” This is according to Pia Malm, Quality Developer at Aleris Omsorg.

Since implementing Stratsys, the company carries out all of its planning, follow-up and reporting in the tool. For example, checklists are used for quality audits, which brings together results and measurements in a single document. The document includes the number of deviations, physical and psychosocial safety inspections and the number of customers enrolled.

All of the operations also obtain monthly reports from Stratsys through the Reporting module. Reports are also compiled at the business level and department level. A business plan, quality report and patient safety report are produced once a year, as is the quality audit. This is also carried out at the company level, business level and department level.

“The company gets their results immediately. The same applies to the business and the whole of Aleris Omsorg. This has helped us to focus on the same things because we see the results straight away.”

With a common vision and a number of long-term and short-term goals combined with customized activities, follow-up and analyses, Aleris is finding it easier to meet its goals with the help of Stratsys.