Simplicity platform

Experience true work-life simplicity

Imagine an easy-to-use platform with smart, efficient tools, that revolutionizes your daily operations. Sounds too good to be true? With the Stratsys simplicity platform, it’s not.

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Cloud based

In our cloud-based platform we’ve gathered a vast set of tools that simplifies your planning, execution and evaluation of strategic plans. Pick and choose the tools you need to solve the unique challenges faced by your organization.


Not only your login but all of your data, is stored and processed securely in the cloud, so the only thing you have to think about is what web browser and password you wish to use.


Oh, and don’t worry about the hassle of integrating your other products, we’ve got that covered for you. With the help of the platform’s Integration Service and open APIs, information is easily shared with the other services your organization uses.


Why Stratsys?

A cloud-based setup gives you freedom, flexibility and security all-in-one.

The Stratsys platform is easily adjusted for your specific needs.

Security first – always. Your information is securely stored & processed at all times.

We make the complex easy, from detailed project overviews down to your personal to do-list.

Keep everything in one place: no more documents spread across multiple departments.

A clear overview and spaces for collaboration makes co-working a piece of cake.

Products for a perfect experience

Ensuring our customers the best possible experience is our top priority. That’s why we offer integration services and a total security system that’s already built into the platform.