Keeping your information secure at all times

Your information is important to us. When you use our platform, you can do so confidently, assured that all of your data is always stored and handled at the highest security level.

In short

  • All communication is encrypted via SSL
  • Continuous backups in real time
  • Database stored in a clustered environment with built-in failover
  • Mirrored data centers in separate physical locations
  • Multiple independent connections to the internet, uninterruptible power supplies, intrusion protection, fire protection, climate control and video surveillance
  • Limited number of login attempts before the user is locked out
  • Possible to use your operation’s own Identity Provider via SAMLv2

PrivacySolid network protection
The network connecting Stratsys service to the production servers is protected by redundant firewalls, intrusion detection systems and load balancers.

Secure passwords and unique user names
Each Stratsys user has a unique username and identifies the system using a personal password. Specific password requirements (such as length and complexity) can be implemented.

Availability – System status and performance
Stratsys has a high uptime average of 99.98%.

Redundancy in several layers
Stratsys network infrastructure is designed for complete redundancy and maximum uptime. All business-critical equipment, including routers, firewalls, applications and database servers, storage and networking equipment, is configured and deployed to ensure a seamless transition to a backup system should any disruption occur.

Emergency readiness and incident management
The Stratsys production system runs on server clusters in two geographically separate sites. Servers and applications are installed at both locations, ensuring that operations are not interrupted by any major disruptions or disasters. If one of the sites should fail, the other site is configured to take over production with minimum impact on service.

Backup and Restore
Stratsys guarantees the security and integrity of your data by employing comprehensive mirroring and backup procedures. In the unlikely event of a serious system crash, backups can be used to restore the entire production system.

Products for a perfect experience.


Ensuring our customers the best possible experience is our top priority. That’s why we offer integration services and a total security system that’s already built into the platform.

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