Project Management

Manage your projects like a champion

Every great project manager must have superhuman powers; how else would they be able to keep track of every small detail, deadlines and tasks? Well, they might just be using our project management tool.

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We don’t believe in keeping secrets, so let us present the tool that will give you superhuman powers. Or in other words, the features that will help you accomplish one great project after another.


See what’s been done, what you must do during the current period, and what’s on your future agenda.

To-do lists

With personal to-do lists, all assignments with deadlines are gathered and easily accessible.


Sending daily reminders of your assigned tasks means nothing gets forgotten.


Get things done by delegating assignments to yourself or other co-workers.


Upload documents related to different parts of the process, e.g. goals, activities or meetings.


One of our most popular features. Easily compile each department’s account and put together reports on all projects.


Get a real time overview of strategic plans, KPI diagrams and each department’s progress.

Cloud based

A cloud based setup gives you freedom, flexibility and security all-in-one.

Adjustable & Flexible

We’ll be happy to help you customize the product to suit your specific needs.

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