8 questions to map your risk management

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Written by
Karl Sandström
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How well do you and your colleagues know the company’s risk management? Most businesses today have some form of risk management plan but that doesn’t mean it is effective, up to date, or embedded with people in the business. Here we will help you map your risk management with 8 questions!

Risk management is a relevant concept in many of the processes our clients work with. In everything from strategic planning to quality management, risk analysis is an invaluable component to strengthen the quality of our work.

How is your organisation doing on risk management in your processes? You can evaluate that using our short question-guide below.

  1. Do we have sufficient information of the risks connected to critical processes in order to develop a credible strategy and plan?
  2. Do we as an organisation have a good grip on our risk exposure at an overarching level; business- and production level; and technical level – and how these risk spectrums relate to each other?
  3. Do we know if we manage and reduce the risks connected to our strategic objectives in an efficient way?
  4. Can we, in a credible way, assess and evaluate our risks connected to our strategies, objectives, and business?
  5. Do we get sufficient information to initiate the right measures to avoid losses connected to legal compliance?
  6. Do we systematically track key risk indicators (KRIs) connected to risks in our IT system, processes, and information systems?
  7. Do we identify and track risks in day-to-day work, for example in projects and running processes?
  8. Do we have credible risk management plans for risks at all levels of the business?

These questions form a good basis to start working systematically with risk management in the most central steering processes.

Do you want to read more about risk management? Check out our guide “Your guide to understanding risk analysis”. You can download it on the button below.

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