Want to Run More Efficient Meetings?

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Joakim Stattin
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Every day, millions of meetings take place around the globe. Every one of those meetings presents a great opportunity to share information, exchange ideas and make important decisions to drive your business forward. Unfortunately, those opportunities often go to waste and low-quality meetings only seem to help in giving meetings a bad reputation.

Is it really just a waste of time?

People feel they spend too much time in poorly administrated and executed meetings which leads to frustrated meeting participants. And while efficiency is a priority in most parts of our businesses today, meeting culture is often left to chance. Studies show that most of us spend at least 30% of our days in meetings, and yet almost none of us have had any training on how to run meetings efficiently. Without the right knowledge or tools, how can we expect to be efficient?

How can we make the meetings more efficient?

While developing our meeting product over the past few years we’ve gathered quite a lot of insights into the matter of efficient meetings. We’d like to share those insights with you in a guide that we call – “7 Keys to More Efficient Meetings”.

Inefficient and unproductive meetings is something we can all relate to. The statistics are very clear on that matter and it’s those statistics that have formed the basis for this guide. The guide aims to present a comprehensive list of tools to prevent your organisation from being part of those statistics. We’ve summarised some of our knowledge gathered from years of working with increasing meeting efficiency combined with insights from recent studies on the matter. 

The guide covers how to:

  • Prepare a successful meeting (creating the right conditions)
  • Run a meeting efficiently (creating actions and delegating responsibility in a way that gets things done)
  • Follow up on actions (making sure decisions become reality)
We hope you enjoy the guide and, above all, that it helps you run more efficient meetings!

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