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Become a better manager with this staff meeting agenda

The best part of a staff meeting is that everyone gets to talk about what is on their mind (or under for that matter) ... to make sure we stay on top of our tasks. A staff meeting is a horrible thing to let go to waste as it is one of the quickest ways to empower your team and strengthen your relationship with them. Deal with your staff in a calm and appreciative way and when it comes to the very set up of the meeting, here is our suggestion...! 

The set up of an efficient staff meeting

In the beginning, the host can take a few minutes to mention the latest announcements that affect the staff present in the meeting. This is also a good time to re-state and strengthen the company vision, mission and values. 

It is good to go through the previous minutes as the actions needed to take for this meeting are elaborated there. If anyone did not finish their task in time it is good to allow them to speak for 1-2 minutes as to why. Do they need more time? Do they need help? Did they simply forget to tick the “action completed box”? Be light and forgiving in your remarks to the team.  

It is very effective to have a round-table activity where you allow your team to give you a status update on current projects, the obstacles they are facing, the solution they need to overcome them and what they specifically need from you. In the end, their problems are yours as well – so get involved!  

New actions to take for this or next week. This is good to keep the team structured and help them know what is prioritized and specifically asked of them to achieve until the next staff meeting is to be held.  

Sometimes our work can be done better through cooperation with other departments in the company. This is the perfect time for your team to mention this to you, especially if there is some departmental friction taking place. One of the most influential ways to deal with these types of remarks made in a staff meeting, is by trying to invite the manager of that department and try to find a good way to counter the friction. This leads me to my last bonus point!  

Have an occasional guest participation. Simply start off by welcoming the guest, introducthem and then let them address the issue head on. Make sure to notify them of the main issue they need to discuss in front of your staff at least 1-2 week ahead of time. This is to make sure they are well prepared and structured, so they don’t end up taking half your meeting.  

Free agenda template for your staff meeting

To help you get onboard with this, we have created a template that is in line with all that has been mentioned in this blog. This staff agenda template has been built so that you can customise it as well. Download it now and thank us later!  

your template is ready