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Engage your sales team with this free agenda template

Meetings can be scary for many people, some of which are your colleagues. It doesn’t matter how well you know the group, if you are anxious to speak in front of people, you simply are. Now imagine exacerbating the situation by having a stiff and confrontational sales meeting where the manager is being way to firm with the team– truth be told, we have all been in such a meeting during some point in our career and we all hated it 

Offer the sales person some peace of mind

Selling can sometimes be a tedious process and a constant ping pong battle between sales and various departments in other accounts. Sometimes the process can move slowly and during those times it is good to focus on the little gains done per week, month or quarter. The type of gains that slowly but gradually could tip the scale in your favor.

Selling is one of the most anxiety inducing jobs in the corporate world. It makes it so much more important to have meetings that offers the Sales person some peace of mind. Here is how to avoid the missteps and promote a motivational, inspirational and positive meeting that can uplift the spirit of your team. 

Make sure to have an agenda that is built to help you as a manger or meeting host to be progressive in your approach when dealing with your team or meeting participants.

It helps to 

  • Be consistent in how you hold the meeting to avoid catching your team off guard or end up stuck in the weeds of side tracking. 
  • Be inclusive with the whole team by letting the sales personnel state the progress they accomplished since the last meeting for 1-2 minutes. This will help them appreciate the small steps of progression in their business deals and provide a positive attitude towards their engagement with their prospects or customers 
  • Increase participation by having a set time every week or month for this type of meeting. Then everyone can plan around your sales meeting and avoid overbooking your timeslot with other meetings.  
  • Openly talk about what type of help your sales staff need. You should make space in your sales agenda to have this discussion  and even make it an action or to-do for your sales team to, during the week or month, reflect on this point: What do you need to execute your job with confidence and success? 

The sales meeting template has been optimized to include the 
agenda items to be in line with what has been discussed in this blog post. Each sales agenda item has an explanation to illustrate the idea behind it and is customizable to suit your idea of the perfect sales meeting! Download the teambuilding template below and get started!

your template is ready