Why can't I find the node?

If you're looking for a node that you believe should exist on a specific unit in a control model, you'll find help here.

Go through the different reasons listed below in order. If you, as a full administrator, still can't find your node, contact support and we'll assist you further.

As a user, your first point of contact should be your administrator if the tips below don't help.

1) The node is filtered out

The most common reason why a node is not displayed is that it is filtered out. Both views and report parts are controlled by filter settings and standard filters, and sometimes it can be difficult to understand how the filter logic works even for experienced administrators.

First, try clearing all filtering from the filter funnel if it's related to a view. If this doesn't help, examine the filter settings. There may be active settings that are not apparent in the filter funnel.

It also happens that filter settings are deactivated after setting up the default filter. Therefore, also check the default filter to see if there are additional filters there that the filter funnel doesn't show. If that's the case, you can recreate the default filter by removing it and then creating a new one – but make sure you know how the filtering should be before removing a default filter.

As a last resort, you can create a completely new view (or a new report part if it's a report). Then you'll get an unfiltered view. If the node appears in this new view/report part, the problem is with the filtering.

2) The node has been deleted

If someone accidentally deleted the node, it does not help to change the filters. If a node is missing from a specific unit and control model column, it may still be caused by the deletion of a linked node in another column on a completely different unit.

Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to determine the exact event that caused the deletion. Learn more about how to restore a node and about the Event History.

3) The node is missing a connection.

If the node that is not displayed is a KPI or an activity, the cause may be that a connection is missing on a specific department. This sometimes happens during reorganizations.

Even if the node is missing a connection in its regular scorecard, it may be found in the gross lists. Go to the gross list for KPI's or activity nodes and navigate to the correct department. If you find it there, the problem is that it lacks a connection. See if you can add the connection again from the Connections tab – usually, you have to do it from the top-level unit if the node exists on multiple units.

Compare the connection with that of a node that is displayed in the view where you're missing the node to get the correct connection.

4) The node only exists in the planning version.

Nodes created in the planning version are not visible when you're in the current version. Try switching to the planning version if you suspect this may be the cause.

5) The node belonged to a department that has been removed.

If the node disappeared during version management or immediately after a reorganization, the node may have had its main department on a unit that has been removed. This cannot be undone.

Go to the archive box and see if the node existed in the previous version. If you find it there, you can manually restore the node by copying the information from that node.

If there is a lot of information or many nodes missing because they were accidentally removed together with a unit removal, you need to request this as a script restoration. This is considered consulting if it was caused by a reorganization done without Stratsys' assistance.

6) The node has changed name

A name change can make the node very difficult to find. See if you can find a node with a similar/equivalent name. If you suspect that a node has changed its name, you can check it in the node's event history - here's how to find it: Who made the change?

7) You lack permission to view the node.

In most cases, all information is readable for a full administrator. However, if your organization works with classified nodes, certain information may still be hidden. However, this is a very rare scenario.