Event History

Event History
The event history allows you to see and search on everything that has happened in your database, you can even in some cases when nodes have been accidentally deleted, reset them via Undo icon to the right of the event description.

You can search for information from the event history by entering the following infomation:

Date -Specifies the time window from which you want to search for events.
Units -Select the units you want to include in your search.
Include underlying units -click in this selection to include the underlying units to the unit (s) you have selected above.
Users -Select the user (s) you want to include in your search.
Scorecards -Allows you to select the scorecard from which information should be sought.
Columns -If you have selected a scorecard in the step before, you can also define your search by selecting which scorecard columns from this will be included in the search.
Reset -Deletes the selected search preferences

Undo Goal/Measure/activity deletion
If you have accidentally deleted a goal/measure/activity, it can be searched in the event history and here via Ångraikonen Behind the event is restored. This is possible in many cases but if you would find a case where it is not possible please contact Stratsys Support for more help. See Contacts.

If you choose to undo a deleted node, it will be reset and a blue box indicates that the event is Ångrad, you can also choose to see more or less information about the event via Show/hide Details.

Undo bulk deletion of completed tasks
It is also possible to recover activities deleted via Administration/Activity settings/ Removal In the same way.
The filtered event (there was only one completed activity in the selected scorecard column)
After the tasks in the scorecard are restored