Event History

The event history allows you to see a lot of the changes made, and from here you can also undo certain events


In the event history, as an administrator, you can filter out many of the events that have occurred in your database, such as node deletions, changes in settings, and more. You can also undo certain events, for example, the deletion of nodes.

You can find the event history in the administration section under "Other":

Tips for filtering

If many events have occurred, it can become quite challenging to find the specific event you're looking for. The most effective approach is to filter only by Date and User if you know who made the change. Use a narrow date filter whenever possible.

If something has disappeared, try to search as soon as possible. This simplifies the search and increases the likelihood of being able to restore it without errors.

You can filter information from the event history as follows, but keep in mind that even if a node has disappeared from a specific unit and scorecard column, this may have been caused by the removal of a linked note in another column on another unit. Therefore, it's better to search broadly:

  1. Date - Here you specify the time window you want to look at. You can search for a single date by entering the same date in both fields.
  2. Only reversible events - this setting limits the search to events that can be undone.
  3. Departments - Choose units. You can select multiple units. You can also include underlying units.
  4. Users - Choose users who have made the change. You can select multiple users.
  5. Scorecard - Choose the scorecard and scorecard column. You can select multiple.

When you are satisfied with your filter selection, click on "Filter." The "Reset" button will clear the filtering, allowing you to enter new filter criteria.

Undo event.

For instance, if a node has been deleted by mistake, it can be undone if you find the event in the history.

Look at the details "Show details" before undoing, so you can see exactly what will be restored - it might involve multiple nodes if they were linked and removed in the same event.

Undo the event by clicking on the rotating arrow. Everything listed under the details will be restored:

After the event has been undone, it will be displayed with a blue box containing the text "Undone":