How do I restore a node?

A guide explaining how to go about restoring a node that was accidentally deleted.

Access Requirements

In order to restore a node, you must have Full Administrator access. This access is obtained through a user group typically named Super Administrator, Global Administrator, or Full Administrator.

Event History

In the Event History, you can find nodes that have been removed and restore them. This feature is located in the Administration section under Other.

Once inside the Event History, you can locate the removed node by using the various search criteria available. If you know the date and user who deleted the node, that is the easiest way to search. Otherwise, you can limit your search by using the Control Model and column or Device. To shorten the list, select the "Only those that can be restored" option and then click Filter.

Locate the node you want to restore in the list and then click on the icon to restore the node.

The node has now been restored and is represented in the Event History as "Undone".