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Preparation phase

Add a preparation phase

Change a Beredningsmall

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The preparation phase is divided into two parts. The two parts are Preparation phase templates on distributed reports And Preparation phase templates on assigned reports

In Distributed report is a report that is sent down to the underlying units from the entity that created the report. A Assigned report is a report for a unit that has received the report assigned from the overlying unit.

Via User groups You can for Report Control the permissions of Prepare assigned reports And Preparing distributed reports and for which units.

In the advanced settings for a report, you will see the setting that needs to be done in the report to use a preparation phase.

To get to the preparation phase, click on the three Gears In the upper-right corner of the Stratsys to exit the administrator interface. Then you will find the preparation phase under the reporting process section.

Add a preparation phase

Name the template

The fields correspond to the information to be entered in the preparation phase. If you want to write a comment, you can add a "long text". If a date for the decision is to be entered, you can add a date field, etc.

Name -Name the field.

Fältreferens -If you want to use the information entered in the preparation, at a wordexport, you must enter a code for the field reference. The reference can either be displayed in the header, footer, or on the Insert page in Word and Export settings that the report uses.

Type -What kind of information the field should be:

  • Short text-Provides a smaller text box. Limited number of characters.
  • Long text-Provides an editor with the ability to report a larger amount of text
  • Fixed short text-used when to have a pre-determined formulation that cannot be changed by the user
  • Fixed long text-used when to have a pre-determined formulation that cannot be changed by the user
  • Date-Gives a date picker
  • Uploaded document-used when you want to be able to attach a file

You can set the field to be Mandatory.

Obs! Changes to a field for non-completed reports may adversely affect these

In the settings of the reports, enable the Preparation phase. This displays the Preparation As you can see in the picture below. Click on the respective options to enter the Overall comment And Decision Before the report has a status of finished.

Change a Beredningsmall

To edit a template, click the Wrench key.

See additional information under Add a Beredningsmall.

Delete a template

Click the dustbin icon to delete a template.