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Period settings in views

There are four period setup options to choose from in the views. The selection you make should be based on what the view will be used for:

  • Reporting and analysis -Used where analysis and reporting is done in the same view. The view shows the previous reporting period until the current period is completely exhausted and reporting can begin. The view does not concern any delay in the periodicity that is being used. The measurements are shown by default for their individual periodicities (e.g. monthly measurements and interim measures in the same column).

  • Planning -Used in views where future target values are in focus. Displays the latest value in the version you are in. Always applies per version (usually yearly) and does not listen to delays in periodicity. Planning Checks for the last value in all the columns in the measure (unlike in Analysis Where it is only the column that the color is set to control. If outcomes are available in February and the target value in April is the April number, we will display the view even if the color column has no value in April).

    If the KPI data and the comment are shown for different periodicity, it is because you Comment settings Turned off the setting Use measure's own periodicity for measure comments. There are also nodegenskaper that are used in cases where comment and måttdata should not listen to the period settings for the viewer. Ex. Last comment Or Måttdata (Definite period). See Node properties.

    If there is no reported value, the first period in the planning version is displayed.

  • Analysis -Used in views where analysis of the latest values is made. It doesn't matter which version you're in. For metrics, the period that most recently received is a color that controls which period is displayed in the view. See color settings for more information and exceptions for manually set colors. The color also controls from which period the comment is displayed.

    If there is no reported, the current period is displayed in the Nodpopuppen and in the view.

  • Reporting -Used in views where you work in the current reporting period. The view listens to Shifts You have done for each Periodicity And the measures are shown by default for their individual periodicities, (e.g. monthly measurements and interim measures in the same column).

    Obs! For example, schools that may need to start working with reporting in the planning version before it is made up to date, there is a specific setting that affects this filtering for views in the planning version. Please contact your consultant before activating this setting.