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What does version management mean?

Version management is the step where a consultant from Stratsys creates the planning version to the new current version and archives the previous current version.


In Stratsys, there is the capability to work with two parallel versions - the current year and the planning version. Version management is the process where a consultant from Stratsys makes the planning version the new current version and archives the previous current version.

The scheduling of timing is carried out through the customer responsible party or the Success manager if the organization uses Stratsys Enterprise.

When is version management performed?

Version management can be carried out once all the tracking for the past year is complete, and all reports are finished and marked as complete at all levels of the organization.

Since it's the entire database that is subject to version management, it's important to coordinate this with the responsible parties for all products or usage areas so that everyone is informed and has confirmed that the work is complete for their respective areas.

What happens after version management?

Once version management is complete, the former planning version becomes the current year, and all nodes and departments that were potentially marked for removal in the planning version will be deleted.

Stratsys recommends taking the opportunity to also remove completed activities with end dates from the past year. These will still exist in the archived version even if you choose to remove them.

You can decide whether you want to open the new planning version for the upcoming year immediately or wait for a later time.

What do I, as a customer, need to consider?

We recommend that you review the checklist before version management takes place and provide answers to the questions asked. By doing so, we can together reduce the risk of errors and misunderstandings that may otherwise arise: Version Management Checklist 

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information about planning versions and version management here:

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