Activity nodes

A activity node is often defined as a planned special effort to improve the performance of the target (text node). A task in the Stratsys is something that should be performed over a period of time with a defined start and end date. Activities are given status that shows how work on them continues. Closed activities are often filtered out of a view.

In addition to the task's time period, some record dates can also be entered. At the end date and on the reconciliation date, the managers can receive reminders from the system. One way of highlighting activities time periods is to show them in a ganttvy.

Common names of columns that contain activity nodes are projects, actions, action plans, assignments, and strategic activities.

Add a new activity node

Some views are designed for planning. In these, depending on your system privileges, you may be able to add new activities. This can be designed in two different ways. Either by viewing links in columns that you have the right to add new tasks directly to the view In or by activating a byggvy with this icon Found on the toolbar on the right edge of the viewer.

In the build view, click Add < Column name > Under that column, and on the line where you want the new activity node to be located. After you click Add < column name >, Opens a wizard that consists of two steps General And units.

Change a activity node

To open a task's change pane, hover over the task in the scorecard and click skiftnyckelsikonen.

The change window consists of three tabs: General, Connectors And units

If you are in a drag and dropmeny, the easiest way is to change the connection in the drag and drop view.

Remove text node/KPI node/Activity node

Click the Edit icon

Click on the button Remove In the lower-left corner of the node.

If nothing is associated with the node on the unit you are in or the underlying units, a box opens where you can choose whether to unapply or remove the node from all scorecards. If you wish to remove KPI node/Activity noden from the steering model but with the option of being able to select it at a later time, choose to remove the connection otherwise you can remove Måttnoden/activity node permanet by removing it from all the scorecards . Then confirm the deletion by clicking Confirm.

Obs! If there are other nodes attached to the node you are trying to delete, all that is associated with the node will also be deleted.

When you click the button Remove And there are connections in other scorecards on the node that you are removing, you are facing a table with the columns scorecard, Nodes and connectors to be removed.

In the column scorecard See which scorecards the node is listed in.

In the column nodes to be deleted You will see how many nodes are associated with the node to be deleted (these nodes are also removed).

In the nodes column where a connector is removed, you'll see how many nodes are associated with the node that will also be affected (these connections will also be taken

Click on the button Confirm

In the section Event history Allows you to learn more about what information is stored during deletion as well as, the ability to recover deleted nodes in the current version.